20 Years of Remembrances

Rosemarys Remembrances Bed & Breakfast Country InnIn 2005, one of Jim Thorpe’s most unique and celebrated establishments, Rosemary Remembrances, celebrated 20 years of service to the area.  At that time, local author, Al Zagofsky, wrote an incredible piece on the history of the store and all it’s meant to the city.

Unfortunately, due to server issues, the article was lost and we regret that we are no longer able to recover it.  If Al is able to contact us, we will happily republish the article here and give him full credit.  Until then, we will dedicate this page to telling you more about this great store.

Art and Collectibles

Rosemary’s Remembrances has some of the most unique commissioned art, collectibles, homewares and heirlooms you will find. They have collected quite an assortment of items from the past and the present – from chic to unique. If you want to find a very unique and distinctive piece for your home, this place is the best.


Our “One Stop Herb-Shop”

Rosemary’s Remembrances is also host to the area’s oldest retail/wholesale herbal store The Rosemary House.

Whether you’re looking for some unique teas, live plant seeds, or just want to pick up some of their namesake herb, The Rosemary House will be sure to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

There are books, essential oils, virtually everything you need for improving your quality of life.

Being a family run business, you are sure to get loads of personal attention as well.

Quaint Bed And Breakfast Living

If you are so inclined, Rosemary Remembrances also offers a fully furnished, private studio apartment that is available to rent (or lease) by the day, week, weekend or month. It could be the start of a perfect getaway weekend to a beautiful part of the Pocono Mountains.