Tips To Avoid Back Pain When Doing Yard Work

Do you suffer from back pain when doing yard work?

Lower Back Pain Treatment PottstownI know I do. Fox31 in Denver recently ran a really cool news piece where they interviewed a local chiropractor and he gave some pretty cool tips on avoiding back pain while working in the yard.  Many people don’t realize that doing yard work while experiencing small twinges of pain can do long term damage to your back.  He explained that people who do yard work get over zealous, not realize that the pains they are feeling are leading to significant issues and wind up in their chiropractors office with complaints that their back and neck hurts and all they did was plant flowers in their garden.

The piece also recommends doing a warm up before tackling specific jobs around the yard and why it’s necessary to do your warm ups. It tells you how you should perform the specific jobs in order to save your back. Lifting and bending are the culprits that can send your back into the pain you don’t want.

If you follow the steps to avoid back pain while doing yard work you should maintain a healthy back.

If you end up with unwanted back pain looking for a good Chiropractor is important to solve your problem but can be difficult. Searching the internet will give you some solutions and helpful.

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Just like your lawn equipment you should keep your back in tip top shape so seeing a Chiropractor routinely will help prevent unwanted problems while doing yard work. So if you have not been going to a Chiropractor routinely and your do your yard work yourself you should check out the video on the Fox31 website and follow the steps to avoid back pain when doing your yard work.