Energy Tips To Big Savings

One of the best ways to save money is through energy savings and with the cold winters in the Northeast cost can go sky high. A huge culprit in energy theft is glass sliding doors.

Your glass sliders, whether in a home or business, can rob you of amazing amounts of money on a daily basis and you are unaware until the bill comes in.

When looking to save money on energy have a professional come out and look at your energy loss. They have devices that measure how much energy loss you have relative to many different areas of loss. They can detect loss from windows, doors, insulation, etc.

Many times glass is a huge area that will provide the most loss unless the glass is energy efficient. Looking at your glass sliding door and seeing how much you could save with a replacement might pay for the new door, depending how old your door is. Many times when you hire a glass professional they might tell you that a replacement is not necessary and just putting new seals and felt on the door will make it like new.

Whether you are considering patio door glass replacement or new doors you will want to get a pro to take a look. When you get a 5 star glass company to give you an assessment they will be objective and work in your best interest instead of theirs.

Living in the Greater North East presents the challenge of keeping heat in during the winter months, and heat out during the summer months. Efficiency is number one in making sure that your replacement or refurbished sliders is cost effective. Before you install you can get efficiency ratings that come with each manufacture, therefore you can decide based on efficiency ratings and price which brand is for you.

Before installation you will be able to pretty much understand how everything stacks up and whether you are doing the right thing or not. Buying for price alone is not a good way to shop, but when you look at both price and efficiency ratings together you will get the full picture.


Strange Brew – Best Little Coffee Shop In Town

Looking For Some Good Coffee?

Strange Brew - Jim Thorpe, PAJim Thorpe is known for it’s small town charms but nestled in this quiet little town is a small coffee shop named Strange Brew and you wouldn’t expect such a place in a town like this. Strange Brew is a total sleeper when it comes to ambiance. The locals love it and have posted great reviews on Trip Advisor.

Strange Brew is an eclectic, music inspired coffee shop that has the coolest vibe, with many pictures of music legends on the walls. Several have commented on the folks hanging out with dreads and assortment of locals of all ages.

The Strange Brew has a full array of coffees, as well as well as lattes, espresso, and blended juice drinks.  In fact, they have an incredible herbal tea made with some of the herbs you will find right down the street at the “One Stop Herb Shop.”

They even serve coffee with candy a very interesting mixture that is a good seller. Many comment on the walls with the pictures of musicians painted on them, which is a stroll down memory lane.

Some of the amazing musical art at Strange BrewThe décor is very relaxing and being able to sit on a couch while enjoying coffee is much like being at home but with the excitement of sitting around with others enjoying a wonderful cup of joe.

The Locals

When the locals all hang out in a particular place it must be good and a great way to experience the local flavor of our quaint little town. Places like Jim Thorpe are sleepers when it comes to learning about the people who made our Country what it is today.

These towns all housed people who, with their hands, worked jobs that enabled others to live lives in a freedom that has never been duplicated. Seeing how they lived and played is quite an education.

When in Jim Thorpe check it out and see for yourself. You will enjoy your visit to this little town as well as a relaxing drive through the Pennsylvania Countryside.

3 Tips to Living Safely in Your Home


 An elderly Hispanic senior citizen man petting his dog with a large smile on his face.
As the median age in Jim Thorpe and the surrounding areas increases from 40 to 44 years old, some people are starting to consider retiring to warmer climates.  Florida and Texas are widely becoming popular “retirement destinations” for our rapidly aging population. However, there is a key segment of our community that wants to remain living safely in their houses well beyond their golden years. As you age, things that were something you didn’t give much thought to in your earlier years become potentially life threatening issues later on in life. Jim Thorpe is a beautiful, small town community and a lot of people who live here love it and don’t want to leave. Here are three tips we can offer you to help make your home a safe place to live out the remainder of your life.

Install A DIY Home Automation Project

Living Safely via Home AutomationAlthough crime in Jim Thorpe is almost 50% lower than the rest of the country (and 39% lower than the Pennsylvania average) living safe in your home is still something you should consider a top priority. Today, there are very simple Do It Yourself home security systems you can install. A fantastic option is the JAQX system.  JAQX is a DIY Home Automation Project that allows homeowners to install various pieces such as wireless smoke detectors, door sensors and window sensors.  JAQX can be installed all at once, or piece by piece, over time.  They even include cellular based central station monitoring for a true “living safely at home” experience.

Living Safely by Installing A Walk In Tub or Hydrotherapy Shower

Living Safely via Walk In Tubs and Hydrotherapy ShowersTwo thirds of most household accidents occur in the bathroom. As a person ages, it becomes more and more difficult to maneuver around the bathroom safely. Slips and falls in the tub can become a life or death situation for a senior citizen or person living with a physical disability. Recently, we learned of a Phoenix based company, Expert Home Safety, that has partnered with some walk in tub installation contractors in the Philadelphia area to help deliver some quality walk in tub or hydrotherapy shower solutions. They offer 100% free in home consultations with a licensed occupational therapist who can discuss your unique situations.

Install a Stair Lift to Keep Your Second Floor Accessible

Living Safely via Medical StairliftMany houses in Jim Thorpe, PA are traditional two story colonials. One of the most dangerous parts of these homes can be the second floor. Navigating stairs can be treacherous and almost impossible for people who are mobility impaired. Installing a stair lift can help maintain your safety while still giving you full access to your entire house. Combine that with the fact that a stair lift will, typically, not reduce the resale value of your home and you can see this will help make your home a safer place.

Before Pennsylvania was Pennsylvania

Before Pennsylvania was Pennsylvania, the Delaware Valley was New Sweden.

When, on March 4, 1682 Charles II of England granted a charter for the colony that would become Pennsylvania, William Penn would be taking over an existing colony—one that had been colonized for forty years. This colony was New Sweden.
In April 1638, two ships, the Kalmar Nyckel and the Fogel Grip, which had sailed from Sweden the previous autumn, arrived in the Delaware Valley, and after exploring, founded New Sweden and settled in Wilmington, Delaware.

By 1644, the Swedish colony had expanded to the Schuylkill River, where Governor Johan Björnsson Printz established a capital on what is now Tinicum Island. Here, he built the first permanent seat of government in the Keystone state.

How did New Sweden come to be?

Following Columbus’ 1492 discovery of the Western Hemisphere, Spanish, French and British explorers sailed the coast of America—but there is no record of their actually landing in the Delaware Valley.

In 1609, sailing for the Dutch West India Company, British Captain Henry Hudson explored the Hudson and Delaware Valleys. Hudson was arrested for sailing for a foreign flag. He was released and allowed to sail under a British flag. He discovered Hudson Bay where his ship became trapped in the ice. His crew mutinied and set him adrift in a small boat, never to be seen again.

anding of the Swedes in 1638 under the leadership of Peter MinuitUsing this voyage as a claim of possession, in 1624 the Dutch West India Company established a trading post at Burlington Island, near Bristol, Pennsylvania. In 1626, the man who purchased Manhattan Island, Peter Minuit, became the third Dutch Director-General.

In 1631, after being recalled by the Dutch, Minuit joined the New Sweden Company and in 1638, led the two Swedish ships that established a trading post at Fort Christina, now in Wilmington, Delaware, and claimed possession of the western side of the Delaware River. Minuit died in a hurricane on his way home for a second voyage.

After establishing a capital below current Philadelphia, in 1655, the Dutch, under Peter Stuyvesant annexed New Sweden. In 1664, the British under James – the Duke of York and brother of King Charles II, took the land from the Dutch. In 1682, in settlement for a large loan given Charles by William Penn’s late father, Sir William Penn. Penn called the colony Sylvania. Charles changed the name to Pennsylvania to honor Sir William.

Though short in terms of years, New Sweden contributed three ideals that helped form Pennsylvania. First, there was no slavery in New Sweden. Pennsylvania would become among the strongest of abolitionist states. Second, New Sweden established a policy of treating native peoples fairly and of purchasing land from them.

Third, New Sweden had a policy of religious liberty. When William Penn was just a boy, eleven expeditions had settled in New Sweden and when he sailed up the Delaware, he is said to have passed five Swedish Lutheran Churches on the way.

New Sweden was the result of Sweden’s emergence as a world power in the 1600s due to success by King Gustav II Adolph, in the Thirty Years’ War. King Gustav II Adolph, wanting to create a trading empire, chartered the New Sweden Company to set-up colonies in the new world.

Gustav died in battle in 1632, just after underwriting Peter Minuit’s first voyage. The Swedish crown was passed to his twelve-year-old daughter, Christina. When Minuit landed at Wilmington, the first settlement, Fort Christina, was named in her honor.

For further information about the Swedish role in Pennsylvania’s history, here are some places you can visit:

The American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia ( – founded in 1926, is the oldest Swedish Museum in the United States. The Museum is located on land that was once part of a 17th-century land grant from Queen Christina of Sweden to colonist Sven Skute. Three of the Museum’s 12 galleries are devoted to the history of the New Sweden Colony

Kalmar Nyckel ( in Wilmington Delaware is a recreation of the tall ship that brought settlers to New Sweden.

New Sweden Farmstead Museum in Bridgeton, NJ ( – offers a re-creation of a New Sweden farm.

The Swedish Cabin ( – a log cabin built in the period of New Sweden 1638-1655.